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Our Girls

Our Girls


Dauntless' Keyblade Wielder

Kairi was our first chihuahua and the dog that got us started in breeding. She is eager to learn and incredibly social. She loves hiking and being active, wrestling and playing tug and fetch. Everyone that meets her falls in love. She is a demo dog in my training business and does all of the things the big dogs do.


Dauntless' Daiyokai Rin

Rin is our second girl and the most reserved of our pack. She takes time to warm up to strangers but enjoys training and going on adventures. She's very sassy and opinionated and will definitely tell you how she feels about things. She loves to sleep in and the only thing better than sleeping in is snacks!


Dauntless' Runner Bean

Saber is daughter to Kairi from her very first litter. We kept her as a breeding and service dog prospect and she proved to be a smart, easily trainable girl. She excelled at public access, and did great with her tasks, but unfortunately did not enjoy the work as much as we would have hoped so we decided to let her pass on her great genes and stay with us as a pet. Saber is incredibly quick and athletic and a great mother. She loves most people, albeit a little too enthusiastically sometimes.


Dauntless' Tinsel Town

Another of Kairi's daughters, Kipo is co-owned and will hopefully carry on Kairi's lines. She is still much too young to know if she will be a viable breeding candidate but she is a spunky girl that loves hiking and learning. Her father is Prince.

Our Boys

Our Boys


Dauntless' Lord Sesshomaru Kohiryu

Sesh is our first boy and a delight. He is spunky and playful and loves to learn and work. He lives with a malinois and a pit bull and keeps up with them both. He loves hiking and going on adventures. He is eager to please and LOVES doing weight pull, even more so than his siblings!


Windy Hill's Dayton Around

Prince we got when he was already 2 years old. He's very different from our pack but over time his personality grew on us. He is incredibly laid back and great with the litters. He cannot jump to save his life and his "apple-head" and short muzzle means he can get winded easily, but even with that he loves to run and play he's super silly and has a lot of personality in a teeny fluffy body. He gets along with pretty much any dog and has changed many minds about chihuahuas with his quiet and easy-going persona.


Dauntless' Unfaithful Lover

Son of Rin and Prince, Oakley is one of our co-owned males. He is smart and eager and takes the best aspects of both of his parents. He was a service dog prospect, but life had other plans and I was unable to find the time to focus on his training. He is a fun guy and while he can be standoffish with new people, once he warms up you can't make him go away! He is very talkative and opinionated like his mother and lives with a pitbull named Presley who he loves.


Dauntless' Warm Cider

Son of Rin and Sesh, Scout is another co-owned boy that will hopefully carry on his father's lines. He's inherited way more than his daddy's looks with his spunky and playful personality. He's still too young to breed, but we have high hopes for his future.


Sophia Jade's King of Leon

Simon is a long awaited addition to our program. We have sought out a brindle for a long time and looked forward to the day we would be able to add this coat variety to our program and Simon is a cut above the rest. Not only does he sport a beautiful solid brindle coat, but his personality leaves nothing to be desired. He is smart and outgoing, eager to learn. He likes dogs and people and shows zero fear when it comes to meeting dogs 5 times his size. It will be awhile before he will produce any puppies, but for now we are just enjoying this amazing boy and all he has to offer.

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